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Oh Hai there from Ojai

Eating in Ojai

There are lots of food options in Ojai, from Mexican to Thai to Italian and classic American. They're all good quality at a minimum, and most will have great meals in the $9-$12 price point. We picked an Italian restaurant towards the end of the main area of Ojai. The service was fast and polite, the food was good, and Parmesan was ready to be stacked up! 

The Museum of Ojai

Check out the downtown museum for some history on Ojai, facts on the local wilderness, and a large art gallery that is changed every few months. Be sure to leave a story of your time in Ojai on their typewriter! 
Several of Beatrice Woods pieces are in this museum. Beatrice was an influential artist in multiple mediums, but most known for her work with ceramics.
What She Wore
Sharon wore a romper and stylish, but comfortable, booties.
Head over to her blog post here for more details. 

Hobbits And Lizards

There were several amazing places to stay in Ojai, a couple of them were under the same ownership featuring large reptile water fountains as their distinguishing marks. 

A Villa Nearby

There's an expansive and beautiful villa in town as well. Many, many amenities can be found here from pools, gardens, parrots, driving range, and much more!
15 Minutes to the Ocean


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