Commercial Photographer + Social Media Influencer = Effective Digital Marketing

Why does it matter?
Social Media Marketing has quickly become the most effective method for brands and agencies to get their products and services in front of an engaged audience. It is still in the wild west stage though, as there are no set guidelines on what to charge or what to expect. A person can have 1,000,000 followers but .01% engagement, or have mediocre content but a good engagement of 3% or higher. There are a lot of grey areas in social media marketing, but high quality content and engagement is a clear indicator of professionalism and proven to drive up traffic to your service, product, or location.
Style Lullaby has produced a blog post at least 3x a week for 2 years now, with all sponsored posts utilizing professional equipment that costs $15,000+ and access to a full studio. Sure an iPhone can get the job done for Instagram posts, but those can easily get lost in the ocean of content that looks more and more similar. With one third of millennials wanting to be influencers, you need quality content to cut through the noise of a crowded outlet, as well as receive content that can be used for more traditional marketing routes when applicable.
Sponsored Blog Posts
A custom written, SEO-friendly article with 3-6 high quality photos and a link to your website. Includes social media promotion on the day of your post. Up to one month turnaround.
Social Media Promotion
Spread the word about your product, service, or hashtag campaign to my followers on social media channels. Up to two weeks turnaround.
Product Reviews
Honest and in-depth review with disclaimer. Your product must be relevant to my readers and me. Contact me to discuss your product and rates.
Product Photography
Take high-resolution, detailed shots of your product(s) with a Nikon D4s. Includes professional styling and retouching to make your product(s) look appealing and marketable. Contact me for details on usage rights.
Lookbook & Modeling
Work with a professional team(photographer, hair stylist, and make-up artist) to shoot seasonal catalog/lookbook photos. Can be either natural light or studio lit, depending on client needs. 
Banner Ads - Blog
Ads will start running on the first of the following month after payment is received. They will be placed on the right sidebar of my home page. 
Freelance Writing
Create original content for your websites, social media channels, blogs, and other marketing needs. Contact me to discuss your topic and rates.
Coming Soon - Video
Soon DCP will bring videography to the Style Lullaby brand. Not just iPhone quality, but featuring Black Magic Cameras and Red 6k cameras. Stay tuned! 

Growing Audience = Increased Traffic 

Instagram Followers
Blog Page Views
Unique Visitors

Audience Stats

Primarily Based In USA
Average Purchasing Power $90k

Real Experience and Skills
Cut Through the Noise

Professional retouching on all photos using photoshop, subtle but cinematic, not overdone. We can do simple skin retouching, to complex composites and animated photos like cinemagraphs.
With years of experience of copywriting for a wide range of clients after obtaining a degree in Communications from UCSD, Sharon will be able to give a relatable voice to your brand, even when its not written for the Style Lullaby blog.
Utilizing over $15,000 worth of camera gear, we'll be able to create a single instagram post to a complete lookbook for your product or service, matched to any respectable budget.
After years as an agency represented model, Sharon has developed a keen eye and sense of style for full outfits down to flatlays for product photography. Combined with the technical knowledge of a commercial photographer, you'll receive stand-out images for whatever your needs are.
The simple rule is that the easier it is to use a medium, the faster it will become noisy, and the noisier it is, the less responsive it is.

Cut through the noise with us, and increase audience responsiveness to what you have to offer. 
Style Lullaby advertises  and more if we can honestly recommend it!
View the sample gallery below of work for previous clients. We've shot beauty campaigns, lookbooks, product photography of the product alone as well in lifestyle settings, examples of services utilized, and destinations. If your product or service is of great quality and not freaky deeky and matches our style then get in touch! If it doesn't match the Style Lullaby brand, then DCP may still be able to provide media services without the Style Lullaby brand attached.