One of the most important factors in getting people to look at your properties in person, is engaging media. Not just of the property, but of you - the realtor - as well. Here at DCP Photographer we can offer an entire branding package complete with professional headshots, lifestyle photography, web design, and drone photography and videography. We have years of experience with national brands and CEOs, so we know what is relevant today. Don't worry about coming off as tacky or outdated, we create work that could be used in Fortune magazine or any other leading current magazine. Stand out from the pack by doing more than just the generic photos, connect with your buyers and gain their confidence through your professional online presence!


 Natural High Dynamic Range is an effective way to show off areas of the house that get plenty of light from outside. It gives an accurate representation of the house, rather than other HDR methods that come off as overdone and tacky.


Some homes benefit greatly from the use of strobes and flashes to better light up a room. This method can sometimes be used poorly, casting lots of shadows and making the property look fake. Our years of experience have taught us to know when too much, is too much. 

Real Estate Photography Pricing

Each shoot takes anywhere from one to two hours long, depending on the size of the property. All the required equipment for both natural HDR and flash lighting is brought to every shoot, maintaining a consistent style through all the photos taken. Photos are processed and delivered to the client via dropbox within 24hrs. Photos are stored on dropbox for 2 months, after which they will be removed. Please be sure to download and back up the photos immediately! There is a charge to reupload the photos once they've been removed from Dropbox. Travel charge starting at $40 for areas more than a 20 minute drive one way.
$ 50 per 500sq ft
Minimum of 10 photos per 1000sq ft
24hr turnaround time
Natural HDR or flash lighting included
(whichever shows the room better)
This is ideal for regular homes that don't need or
wouldn't benefit from advanced techniques
Higher End Properties with Stylized Photos
$ 250 per 1000sq ft
Minimum of 8 photos per 1000sq ft
72hr turnaround time
Natural HDR or flash lighting included
(whichever shows the room better)
This is ideal for unique rentals and luxury homes

Twilight Photography

Twilight photography is a fantastic way to show off your property at night. The glow from the outdoor lights, the pool illuminated, and seeing through the windows into the house go a long way in showing how great your property is. Please contact us for a custom quote for this service. 
Selling relationships is one of the biggest factors in actually selling properties. Get some high quality headshots for your branding and marketing needs. Don't use generic yearbook looking photos that look like they came from decades ago. It is 2017, it is time for a relevant and high end headshot in this age of social media! We use some of the best lighting and camera gear. Our retouching methods are to make you look your best, while maintaining your natural skin texture so that you don't look like a porcelain doll or cheap snapchat filter. 

Realtor Lifestyle Branding

Go beyond just headshots, and show yourself on the job, after work activities, your hobbies, and your pets! These are all ways to further connect with buyers. Home buying is not a frequent thing for most Americans, so they are coming to you for your professionalism. But with such a financial responsibility, they'll be more inclined to trust you and want to work with you, if you all connect on something more personal. Use these photos in your marketing, social media, articles and magazine submissions. 

Commercial and Architectural

We've got you commercial clients covered. From office exteriors and interiors, resort life, and much more, we've got you covered.