Social Media Management

Increase your brand's exposure and sales by partnering with us!

How It Works

Manual and Automated
Using a mix of automation and our hands-on approach, you'll gain followers and increase brand recognition. An all manual approach is extremely time consuming and has diminishing returns, and a fully automated approach is clearly fake and will drive away authentic followers. A mixture of both is the most effective means of growing your social media presence quickly and effectively. 
Professional and Original
Send us your product and we'll take a set amount of photos each month. Combining professional photos of your product with original photos you take yourselves at your location offers an aesthetically pleasing, and authentic look of your business. The professional photos show you are legit, and the shots you send in help to show your business is indeed run by real humans who care.
Consistent and Engaged
Posting frequently will help keep your product on the minds of potential buyers, so when they're ready to make a purchase in your market, then your product will be on their mind rather than a competitors. We'll respond to relevant questions, but may need your expertise on some questions. Overtime this will also help us to further understand your product and answer for you.
What You Can Expect Each Month
On Instagram? A minimum of 20 posts
On Facebook? A minimum of 10 posts
On Twitter? A minimum of 5 posts
Professional photos of our product? 10 photos taken by us will be provided
Audience Engagement? We'll answer relevant questions as best we can
Automated Audience Growth? We use an automation process to help grow your audience, expect 500 real new followers each month

Step By Step For Each Month With Us

Send Us Your Product
Send in samples of your product and packaging. We'll take professional photos using flatlay methods(very popular on instagram) and unique macro photography. Base package comes with 10 professional photos for use on social media channels. The base package does not allow for manual selections by you, but if you'd like more control then there is an option you may purchase for that level of control. These photos are strictly of the product itself, in a studio setting, and for social media use only. To shoot on location(i.e. at the beach, in a cafe) or to use a model to demo the product or have hands in the photos, can be done at an added cost. To use the photos for other types of marketing can be licensed at an additional cost.
Send Us Your Photos
We'll need photos of your location, and your day to day activities in producing your product. They don't have to be professional, just something that gives insight into what makes your product. They can be pictures at the farm if you produce a food, at home where you assemble the product, at your storefront location, and anything that helps show you are real people doing real work. 
Add Captions
We'll set up an online gallery with all the photos we plan to use for the month. Generally it'd be best for you to create the captions, but we'll add the caption ourselves when it comes time to post for any photo without a caption. We'll also figure out which hashtags are best to maximize exposure and engagement, leading to more sales. 
Answer Any Customer Interactions
At the base package rate, we'll answer relevant questions as best we can, but there are sometimes questions that get more technical that are best left to you, the expert, to answer. If you'd like us to handle all the questions, then we can do that at an added price, after a few months of working together so we can fully understand and confidently answer any questions that come up. Most of our clients don't have a product that'd lead to a lot of technical questions, but if you're a farmer or in any craft market, then your product will most likely attract people with in-depth knowledge on the process and intricacies that'll need to be answered by you. 
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