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Its becoming more and more common to outsource work to other countries. It's a bit of a tangent, but economic growth is only spurred when you spend locally rather than globally. 
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You won't get any non-native english speakers with zero experience here. The support team is there for you, and responds very fast.
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Load times for my site have been fantastic, no downtime except for one occassion that was due to my error(too many login attempt failures), and scalable solutions. 

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How I Lost $1000s In Business When A Web Host Company Was Bought Out By A Conglomerate

How my dad was overpaying $60/month for webhosting

As most things in life, you never know the importance of something until it's gone. I've had my website since 2011, first with Bluehost, and then switched to Arvixe in 2014. They were among the cheapest web host companies I knew of. Plus they were recommended the most by what I thought were trust worthy places, like WordPress itself. WordPress and other places recommend a couple EIG companies because Wordpress gets a fantastic kickback, that is the only reason anyone recommends the abysmal services of an EIG company. They are huge because they're working towards being a monopoly by buying out as many companies as possible, and gutting what made them great web host companies beforehand.

In 2014 my site had gone down for an entire week, during a critical marketing campaign where I was getting emails from a lot of prospective clients unable to view my full website. I tried directing them to portfolios I had elsewhere, but that's just not as professional as your own website, and it's safe to assume that there were several more who didn't contact me at all because my site wouldn't load for them. I was able to salvage a couple clients, but several had lost interest by the time the issue was resolved(by switching to another web host). 

The 'support' I received during that time was absolutely abysmal. None of them were experts, they were all non-native english speakers sidestepping the issue or saying its being worked on. For a server to be down an entire week, is absolutely unacceptable by any web hosting standards. 15 minutes of downtime every month or two is the worst you should experience, and it should be resolved immediately upon contacting support. 
Around 2014 my dad had asked for some help on his website. I was happy to help, but disappointed in myself for not intervening much sooner. Upon seeing his website and web hosting plan I realized he was being taken advantage of. My dad, like most people, are completely inexperienced with web hosting and web design. There are lots of companies that will take advantage of such people with flashy advertising and useless upsells. 

Basically my dad had been paying $60/month for his web hosting and extra add-on services that he thought were necessary, but were absolutely useless and did nothing. I switched him to another plan that had better customer support and web hosting quality, got rid of the useless add-on services, which brought him down to just $12/month with a much more modern website that has significantly improved audience conversions. 

This is all too common. Please take a look at your webhosting plan and what it includes and compare it to If you're not overpaying then great, and if you're happy with the support, then great! But if you're paying more for fewer features, or more for unneeded features, then feel free to get in touch with me and I'll take a look and give an honest assessment. If your support takes more than an hour to respond, and does not resolve your issue same day(if not almost immediately), then definitely take a look at or other alternatives. I'd urge you to take a look at the list below for companies under the EIG umbrella, they have been bought out by a major corporation that only cares about maximizing its own profits with zero concern for customers. They prey on those who don't know any better, which is the vast majority. 
In a nutshell, EIG is overpriced, comparatively low-quality, over marketed, full of up-sells that are not really needed and apply not ethical and misleading way of treating their customers.

EIG is focused on inexperienced users, who can’t tell what is good and what is bad, what is needed and what is not needed. Such users buy their over-priced and useless upsells and experience bad hosting quality (as regards of speed, uptime) and technical support when it is more than just trivial stuff.
- Michael Bely

List of Web Host Companies Bought Out By EIG

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