David Potter

You can call me potter.
Currently based in Palm Springs california. 

The youngest of six, Potter grew up with many different influences in life that is reflected in his work, with his personal style being a grounded - but idealized and fantastical - take on reality.

His partner in crime is Sharon Wu of Style Lullaby and they have three pets. The first is a chinese water dragon - Babadook Potter - and can be seen in their 2016 family Christmas card. To start off 2017 they adopted a dog - S'mores the Pug - who snores louder than a train. 

They moved to Palm Springs in late 2017, for a change of scenery and because most of their clients are nationwide, there was no need to stay in a congested major city. They are quickly finding that Palm Springs is quite inspiring with its open horizons to one side and towering mountains to the other and possibly planning to make it their forever-home base. 

Partial Client List

Land Rover USA
Hilton Resorts
Capital One
American Eagle
Forever 21

United Airlines
Lord & Taylor