How The Shot Was Made

Equipment Used
Nikon D3s, 70-200mm 2.8 lens, circular polarizer filter, Einstein 640w with large softbox
Time of Day
Around 5:30pm in September, sun behind the model and high up enough to light up everything somewhat evenly, with the softbox used to counterbalance
Griffith Park, west of the Observatory, scroll down for a map with the exact location pinned
Camera Settings
F7.1 - 1/250 - ISO 250

Key Points

To get a natural glow all around, then wait for the sun to be closer to the horizon and have the model be between you and the sun. To have the type of glow shown below, then shoot a couple hours before sunset and use a strobe to light the opposite side of the sun. I put this softbox horizontally to wrap the light around Sharon more evenly, vertically the light would not wrap around her left side, causing dark shadows/high contrast. 
I kneeled below the softbox so that it would block the sunlight from entering the lens directly and zapping away good contrast. If the sunlight could enter the lens freely, then it'd make the image much more hazy. The same lighting could probably be achieved with a reflector as well, but then I'd need a 3rd person to hold it, and would not have anything blocking sunlight from entering the camera from above.


Click on the red marker on the map to get the coordinates to park at, and then just head on the trail going south for the specific spot the above photo was shot at. you'll see lots of overlooks with lots of golden hay stuff!