Behind The Scenes No. 3

How The Shot Was Made

Equipment Used
Nikon D3s, 70-200mm 2.8, Circular Polarizer
2 Einstein 640w bare bulbs, 2 Vagabond II Battery Packs
Time of Day
Around 1pm, Mid September
Sun in front of model nearly directly overhead
Backyard, not public
They have 3 pit bulls(they're adorable)
Camera Settings
F11 - 1/250 - ISO100
135mm Focal Length

Key Points

Best Uses For Circular Polarizers - I use this filter a lot, usually just to darken the scene. They are best utilized though when shooting 90 degrees from the sun, at that angle it'll darken the sky while brightening the clouds(if any) for a look that I love. The effect is strongest when the sun is not higher than 60 degrees from the horizon. For the purpose of these photos, it just darkened the background by an f/stop.
Strong Contrast - With the sun behind me and the strobes directly left and right of me, there was no worry of strong light entering through the lens in a way to lessen contrast. As you can see in the finished photos below, the contrast is strong and details are sharp. This is harder to accomplish when shooting into a strong source of light, i.e. at sunset or if I had a strobe light behind the model. 


Since there is no public location to link to this time, I'll show a comparison to a shoot with Keenan in the same spot, but only natural light, no strobes. She is fantastic at posing as well, but any poses with the chin level or pointing down would be too dark. The best poses were the type below with the chin upwards and body slanted a bit.