Storm Rolling Over Palm Springs

July 11th storm coming down from Joshua tree to Palm Springs

How The Shot Was Made

Equipment Used
Nikon D850, 70-200mm 2.8 lens, Manfrotto Tripod
Time of Day
7:30pm to 8:10pm July 11th
Northeast of Palm Springs
Camera Settings
F7.1 - 1/250 - ISO 250 up to 640
Each Image is 4-20 image panoramas
The power lines head straight towards South Palm Springs. The rain pouring to the left is hitting around Rancho Mirage I believe.


This week has had some storms looming around the valley, which makes me incredibly happy as clouds make everything more dramatic and give a great sense of scale, just ask Howard Hughes. Resident Brian Wilson gives very insightful weather forecasts and explanations of whats happening on his blog - The Palm Springs Haboob
These 4 shots were taken on July 11th after eating dinner. Every night this week Sharon and I have been going out to capture the sunsets while there are clouds around, as they are relatively rare around here. While driving, the sun began to come beneath the clouds, giving this beautiful golden glow, just as we were coming up to some power lines. The division looked beautiful, and stopped there for the next 45 minutes. 


This week has brought a lot of new content that is interesting to me, but not part of my main bread and butter work. Figured to start blogging again to have somewhere to put photos that aren't for my immediate clients, and give insights into the photography process. The image to the right was a bit of a fail, as it started as a 34 image panorama, but really the best part was this cloud formation. Unfortunately, the minute it took me to take all those shots was enough time for some lighting differences between images, which is why parts of the far right side of the image has different shading. It is possible to fix, and I may do so soon, but wanted to show what can happen if you're doing large panoramas that take up more than 10 seconds in dynamic, ever changing weather conditions. Be sure to subscribe below to catch future posts! I'd estimate at least 70% will be around the Coachella Valley, landscape focused.
Originally 34 image panorama, there was much more to the left of the image making it a square composition. That half was not interesting, so cut this in half. Facing southeast towards the Salton Sea.
5 image panorama, facing southwest towards Indian Wells and Rancho Mirage around 8:10pm, after the rolling rain storms passed over. 


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